Getting started — Reviewing and sending your campaign


Your campaign is all written, you've decided upon your subject line, and you've chosen who it gets sent to and when; so it's now time to just check everything's in order before hitting the final send button.

You can do this on the 'Check and send your campaign' screen. Let's take a closer look at how to use it. 

Using Check and send your campaign

This is the last step of the campaign process, showing you a summary of your campaign and highlighting anything that might need more attention.

Pay particular heed to any text that's highlighted in amber.


You can still make edits

If you see something you're not happy with, then you're still able to make edits, of course. Handy Edit links are provided to the far left of each summary section.


These take you back to:

Additionally, this page also enables you to:

  • add/edit the email address that replies get forwarded to
  • view/edit the hyperlinks in the campaign

Take a final preview 

A thumbnail of your campaign is shown at the very bottom of the summary. You can click on this to open a full-size preview for a very last check.

Sending your campaign

If you're happy with everything - including a final check on the address books you're sending to, the send time, and how many contacts you're emailing in total - then the time has come to click on Send campaign immediately (the text on this button will vary if you've scheduled your campaign instead).

After sending a campaign

Your campaign will first go to your outbox, at which point the campaign is no longer editable. Our system then sends out the campaign to all of the chosen contacts.

In most cases this happens almost instantaneously. If you have a particularly large mailing list, then it may be sent in smaller chunks to make sure that your contacts' systems don't penalise you for sending large numbers of emails all at once.

We then track whether the campaign is opened, clicked on, replied to, or whether it bounced - and show you this in the reporting for the campaign.

All done?

If you've just sent your first real campaign, then it won't be very long until email reporting data starts to come in for it.

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