Create an address book based on contacts' geographical location

Learn how to create an address book based on the geographical location of your contacts.


You can create an address book based upon the location of your contacts by building a geographical query.

This function enables you to produce a mapped view according to the postcodes or zip codes in any address books or segments that you select.

You're then able to easily select contacts and segment further using the generated map. 

Before you start

Things you need to know:

  • You can only create a geographical address book for UK, US, Canadian, and Australian-based contacts.

Generate your map

To generate your map:

  1. go to Email > Contacts, and select the Geographical queries tab.
  2. Select the contact data field that contains your contacts' postcode/zip code from the drop-down. The default contact data field 'POSTCODE'/'ZIPCODE' will already be selected for you. However, if you hold this data in another contact data field, then make sure you select it.
  3. You can optionally select a contact data field that contains the contact's country, and we'll make use of this when a postcode/zip code could exist in more than one country. Please make sure you're using the two-letter ISO alpha-2 format for country identification to work.
  4. Next you'll be required to select one of two options:
    1. view all of your contacts, or
    2. view a selection of specific address books and/or segments
      You're able to tab between a list of your address books and segments for the second option
  5. Once you've made your selection, click Continue to generate your map.

The heat map helps to indicate the concentration levels of where your contacts are located.

Manipulating your map view

In addition to standard mouse controls, the far left-hand side of the map features a slider bar so you can zoom in and out, plus a directional controller so you can move around the map.

Select your contacts

To select your contacts, draw around a geographical area on the map using a square, circle or polygon tool. These are available to choose along the toolbar above the map.

If you want your selected area to adhere to a fixed ratio, click on Normal and then select Fixed ratio from the dropdown before making your selection.


Don't worry if your initial selection is a little clumsy or isn't quite right. This is easily corrected using the selection tools. You can delete, rotate or resize.

Click the red cross to delete your selection, or click the polygon icon to manipulate any of your shape's points into another position and alter your selection area.

The width and length of your selection area is shown in the toolbar above the map (the default setting is in miles but it can be toggled to kilometres). 

The number of contacts within the selected area is shown in the bottom left corner, underneath the map.

You can select more than one area at a time. This is done by additionally drawing around somewhere else on the map using a square, circle or polygon tool. The contacts selected are then added to the existing number shown on the screen. 

Create a new geographical address book

When you're happy with your selection, click Add these contacts to an address book.

A brand new address book will be created, and you'll be prompted to provide a name and description for it.

In the example below, a geographical query has been used to create an address book to target and re-engage Wales-based contacts who could be more likely to attend a special business event in Cardiff.
Select Next. Your geographical address book will be created and added to your other address books, ready for use.

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