About deactivated programs


A deactivated program is one which was previously active but has since been deactivated. It's no longer enrolling contacts or sending emails.

You can edit deactivated programs, as well as remove contacts from a node.

To view and edit a deactivated program, click on the program in the My programs screen.

Removing contacts from a node

To remove contacts that are currently at a node, click on the node to access its settings panel and then click on the statistics icon to access the statistics panel.


Next, click on the explore contacts dropdown, select X contacts currently at this node, then click on the more actions dropdown and select Remove contacts.


You'll be asked to confirm your decision. After confirming, all contacts at the node will be removed from the program once the program is reactivated.

Contacts will almost always only be available for removal from a delay node, as this is the only node at which contacts can deliberately be held.

Why remove contacts from a node?

There may be a number of reasons why you'd want to remove contacts from a node.

It could be that you no longer want these contacts to proceed to the next particular step of your program because that step's no longer relevant, or your program has a mistake in it that will result in these contacts being sent campaigns you don't want them to receive.

Whatever the reason or the circumstance might be, it's a very useful option to have.

Editing a deactivated program

In a deactivated program, you can change any of the following settings:

For a program's overall structure

  • Add new nodes
  • Delete existing nodes
  • Re-route your program's steps
  • Swap the 'Yes'/'No' branches of a program decision

For an individual node

  • Change the data field from which a program is triggered to start
  • Change the number of days before/after the date field from which a program is triggered to start
  • Change the time or duration of a delay step
  • Change the campaign that's going to be sent by a program
  • Change the rule for a decision in a program

Good to know

An alternative way of editing a program is to create a new program using the Copy function (see below) and then edit it from the 'draft' state.

Other actions


To copy a deactivated program, click the Copy icon on the 'My programs' screen. This creates an editable draft version of the program under the 'My programs' list. This is particularly useful when wanting to make a brand new program based on a similar structure, meaning you don't have to recreate it from scratch.


To delete a deactivated program, click on the red cross under Delete in the 'My programs' screen.


To reactivate a deactivated program, click Activate on the program builder toolbar. The program will need to be saved and have no validation errors to be able to do this.


If the program has enrolled any contacts at any point whilst being active, then you'll also have the option to disable or resume enrolments from Utilities.

Choosing to reactivate and resume enrolments will cause the program to enrol contacts once more and send emails.

Choosing to reactivate without resuming enrolments will cause the program to continue sending emails to enrolled contacts but no further contacts will be enrolled.

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