Program statistics and reporting

Understand your program's performance by accessing detailed statistics for each node.

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Program statistics are provided within the individual nodes of a program, providing you with further detail, as well as action options, on contacts who are currently held at the node and contacts who have ever passed through the node (or exited it, in the case of an end node).

A node's statistics can also be accessed when configuring a node's settings in the side panel.

You can also see reporting on contacts' program activity in the Single customer view.

Learn more in Single customer view.

Program statistics - node

In the bottom right corner of any node in a program that has been activated, you see a contact statistics icon.

It displays the number of contacts that are currently at the node, followed by the amount that have ever been through the node.

In nearly all cases, there are only ever current contacts at a delay node, as this is the only type of node at which contacts are held for a period of time.

End nodes inform you how many contacts have ever exited the program through them.

These statistics refresh every minute, so it's extremely close to real-time information.

Hover over the contact statistics icon to display a box that confirms the contact statistics for that node.

When a program is deactivated, you're able to delete contacts at a node by selecting the cross available on the contact statistics icon.

Doing this immediately exits the contact or contacts from the program.

The contact activity report on the Single customer view then shows a Manually removed status for contacts removed this way once the program is reactivated (prior to reactivation, however, contacts are recorded as Still in program.

In a deactivated program, you're also able to drag contacts at a node and drop them into an existing node within that program or add them to a brand new node. Moving contacts in this way is also tracked in the node statistics side panel, which is covered below.

Program statistics - side panel

You can access a node's statistics in the side panel by selecting the contact statistics icon at the bottom right of the node.

The node's statistics side panel appears, providing all of the contact statistics for the node, plus options for actions.

If the program is in a deactivated state, the statistics also include any changes made since deactivation. Underneath the statistics is a dropdown that enables you to select the statistical collections of contacts and list them.

Any subsequently deleted contacts in the list are denoted as Deleted contact. This doesn’t apply to deleted suppressed contacts whose email address or mobile number needs to be retained in order to maintain the suppression.

The MORE ACTIONS drop-down menu becomes active after selecting a list and provides you with a maximum of three options:

  • Remove contacts: removes the listed contacts currently at the node.
    This option is only available where contacts are currently held at the node.
    You're asked to confirm this action.

  • Add contacts to list: adds the contacts to an existing list. Your existing lists are displayed for you to choose from. Select one and then select Add contacts to immediately add these contacts to the chosen list.

  • Add contacts to new list: adds the contacts to a new list. You're asked to create this by entering a new list name and then selecting Create. These contacts are immediately added to your new list.

Program activity reporting for a contact

You can view data about the programs that a contact has been enrolled in by doing the following:

  1. Go to Audience > Contacts.

  2. Select a contact.

  3. Go to Activity > Programs.

For each record, the following information is provided:



Program name

The program name.

Last enrolled

The date and time the contact was most recently enrolled in the program. If the contact is still in the program, this is indicated by Still in program.

Contacts removed from deactivated programs show as Still in program until the program is reactivated.

Date exited

The date and time the contact exited the program.

Program outcome

This displays as either Exit program, or, if you've labelled it, the specific name of the program endpoint through which the contact exited, Exited on an exclusion node, or Manually removed.

Enrolled count

The amount of times the contact has been enrolled in the program.

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