AccountInsight is like normal Insight data, but it differs in that it allows you to store data against your account rather than against individual contacts. This data can then be used in advanced personalisation to display and make logical decisions in content based upon product catalogue data, store information, hotels/resorts, activities, events, news/blogs, and so on.

Using AccountInsight with advanced personalisation

AccountInsight has been expressly designed for use with advanced personalisation. It allows for extremely powerful possibilities when personalising content in campaigns and landing pages.

For example, based on your contacts and customers' previous purchases and preferences, you can do the following in campaigns and landing pages:

  • feature only relevant products from your catalogue
  • include information on appropriate types of resorts, hotels and destinations 
  • focus upon the promotion of events or activities of special interest
  • incorporate applicable news and blogs as content 

How does AccountInsight data get added?

AccountInsight is added via our API's REST and SOAP transactional data methods/operations respectively, as used with all Insight data.

A contact identifier (email address or contact ID) is submitted with each Insight data document uploaded. If the identifier used is 'account' rather than an email address, then the record is stored as account-scoped Insight data (AccountInsight data).

Where can I view my AccountInsight data?

It's viewable by opening the setting menu in the bottom left corner of the screen and selecting Insight data from the settings menu.


The 'Insight data' page contains all of the AccountInsight data records you've imported via the API.


You can select the Details icon to view a record.


In this example, the records are holiday resorts stored against the account. This record, for example, contains the name of the resort, the country where the resort is, the star rating for it, the category it is, an image of the resort, a short description of it, the price the resort starts from, and a direct link to the resort's webpage.

Advanced personalisation can leverage this AccountInsight data to logically select resorts in campaign and landing page content, based upon your contact's preferences. 

For instance, using the order data that you store in Insight data, plus Web Behaviour Tracking data, as well as other contact data fields, you can suggest Playa del Fun and other resorts like it based on the fact that your contact has bought a family beach holiday before, or that their browsing history of your website indicates they spend most of their time looking at 3 star resorts, or they've filled in a survey stating a preference for resorts falling into the 350-500 price range.  

For instance, you can suggest Playa del Fun and other resorts like it based on the fact that:

As for the Product recommendations tab, this shows product sets for any general (non-personalised) recommendations you've created. Personalised product recommendations can be found when viewing an individual contact's Insight data.


I want AccountInsight so I can use it with advanced personalisation. How do I purchase it?

Just contact us and we'll be happy to assist you with the purchasing and activation process.

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