Contact and lead options for Microsoft Dynamics

Synchronising opt-in types

Please note: To synchronise opt-in types for your contacts, leads, and accounts, you'll need one of the following versions (or higher) of the Engagement Cloud for Dynamics CRM:
  • 2011:
  • 2013:
  • 2015 and 2016:

Contacts in Engagement Cloud have one of four possible opt-in types that shows whether or not they confirmed their email address when they opted in to receive your messages.

You can synchronise a contact's opt-in type to the opt-in type field in Dynamics.

From the navigation bar, go to Settings > Email Accounts > EMAIL SETTINGS and set the synchronisation for the 'ContactOptIn' synchronisation type. By default, the synchronisation setting is manual.

Any contacts, leads, or accounts that have the same email address as your contacts in Engagement Cloud are given an opt-in type field. After the first synchronisation is completed, the opt-in type fields are given the values of your contacts' opt-in types.

The opt-in type field for contacts and accounts is in the 'CONTACT PREFERENCES' form.

The opt-in type field for leads is in the 'CONTACT METHOD' form.

Shared entities across multiple email accounts

If you synchronise opt-in types for more than one email account, shared entities' opt-in types might be overwritten by the value in the email account that was synchronised most recently. However, these values are overwritten only by a higher opt-in type, following this hierarchy:

  • Unknown
  • Single
  • Double
  • VerifiedDouble

Therefore, if your contact has a 'VerifiedDouble' opt-in type in one of your connected email accounts and an 'Unknown' opt-in type in a second connected email account, your contact will remain 'VerifiedDouble' even after the synchronisation of the second account is completed.

Synchronising resubscribers

Please note: To synchronise resubscribers between Dynamics and Engagement Cloud, you'll need one of the following versions (or higher) of the Engagement Cloud for Dynamics CRM:
  • 2011:
  • 2013:
  • 2015 and 2016:

When contacts resubscribe in Engagement Cloud, the following events happen:

  • The contact is removed from the suppression list
  • The contact is added to your address book
  • During the SuppressionLists synchronisation, the contact is synchronised to Dynamics and removed from the suppression list
  • The resubscription status is added to the contact's 'NOTES' field
  • If you selected the 'Update do not bulk email preference on Unsubscribers' checkbox in settings, the contact's 'Do not bulk email' checkbox is cleared.

Resubscribing contacts from Dynamics

Although contacts can resubscribe themselves from one of your Engagement Cloud signup forms, you can choose to resubscribe contacts on their behalf from Dynamics.

  1. In the navigation bar, go to MARKETING > Email Suppressions
  2. Click an email address in the list
  3. In the General section, select the Request Resubscribe checkbox
  4. Click Save


After you save the form, the contact is sent a resubscribe confirmation email during the next SuppressionLists synchronisation.

If the contact clicks the link in the email, the following additional events happen in Dynamics:

Checking the resubscription status of resubscribers

The resubscription status includes one of the following:

  • The date that the contact was resubscribed and the email account that the contact was resubscribed to
  • The reason that the contact was not resubscribed

When a contact is resubscribed and synchronised to Dynamics, the resubscription status is added to the contact's 'NOTES' field.

To view a contact's 'NOTES' field:

  1. From the navigation bar, go to MARKETING > Contacts or Leads
  2. Click the name of a contact or a lead
  3. Click the NOTES tab

Enrolling entities in programs

Contacts and leads can be directly added to an existing program in Engagement Cloud. If the contact or lead has not already been synchronised it will be added to the 'All contacts' address book in Engagement Cloud.

  1. From the 'CONTACT' page or the 'LEAD' page, click Automation Programs

The list in the left-hand panel shows all the active and inactive programs, but you can select only active ones.

  1. Select the active programs that you want to enrol your contacts in
  2. Click Add
  3. When the enrolment has completed the 'Automation Program' modal window closes and the current 'CONTACT' page or 'LEAD' page is displayed.

If no programs are available the following modal window is shown.

Can't find your program in the list?

You need to enable your program in the settings. Ask you CRM administrator for help. 

Viewing an entity's engagement timeline

This will display a graphical representation of interactions of the Contact. The summary panel shows Name, email address and outline statistics, the lower-left panel the Last and First interactions. The main timeline panel will display the selected behavioural data, details can also be selected.

The Emails option allows just the Email send and Open information to be displayed. The view starts in the basic manner, and the details can be expanded as shown.

Example of click data in the details view.

Example of page visits (and WebInsight) in the details view.

Example of a form in the details view.

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