Export your suppressed contacts

Learn to export the suppressed contacts from your account.


If you're moving away from us, it's likely to be the case that you'll want to export your account's suppressed contacts.

Here are instructions for going about this. 

Exporting your suppressions

You can easily export all of your suppressed contacts in your database. To do so: 

  1. Go to Email > Contacts > Suppressed contacts.
  2. Add contact data fields for inclusion in your export by clicking on Display to the right (optional); this will allow you to pick and choose the contact data fields you wish to include.
  3. Select Submit.
  4. Expand the Export drop-down menu, and select Export all suppressed contacts
  5. Once your export is ready, select Download on the Exports screen.

Your CSV file will then be downloaded, ensuring you have all of your suppressed contacts from your database. 

Alternatively, you can also export suppressed contacts per address book in a similar way as outlined above, if you wish.

Downloading exports at a later date

If you don't download your exported suppressed contacts there and then, you can always do so later by going to the settings menu (accessed by opening the Setting menu in the bottom left corner of the app) and selecting Exports. It will be listed there (for up to 30 days) with the date and time it was requested.

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