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Engagement Cloud for Magento 1 or Shopify connector user?

If so, abandoned cart functionality is configured and implemented differently - and the information below will not apply. Please instead read the Engagement Cloud for Magento or Shopify connector articles.


An abandonded cart email contains the latest contents of a contact's cart in a prebuilt layout, which is populated with CartInsight data.

Abandoned cart emails are sent automatically through programs in order to track if a contact has completed the order before you send the email. Therefore, make sure you create an abandoned cart email as a triggered campaign.

Creating an abandoned cart email

Module availability

This functionality is available when purchasing the basic service abandoned carts module.

  1. Go to Automation > Triggered campaign content > Add new. This action opens EasyEditor, which is a drag-and-drop editor for designing email campaigns.
  2. Drag and drop an abandoned cart block into a dropzone in your design


In EasyEditor, you will see placeholder text in this block.

Learn more about adding an abandoned cart block to your email campaign by checking out our Add abandoned cart details to your campaign article.

Previewing the content of an abandoned cart block

You can preview what text will be displayed to a contact when the email is sent by using the personalised preview.

  1. Click Preview > Personalisation icon
  2. Enter the email address of a contact that has a CartInsight data record.
    To find out which contacts have a CartInsight data record, create a segment that contains those contacts.

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