Convert contacts in Engagement Cloud into new contacts or leads in Microsoft Dynamics

Learn how to sync a Microsoft Dynamics Marketing List with an Engagement Cloud address book to ensure your contacts and leads are the same in both.


You can synchronise your marketing lists from Microsoft Dynamics to Engagement Cloud so that when you add a new contact or lead in either platform, they both update and are kept inline.

This keeps both platforms accurate and up-to-date for your sales and marketing teams.

In this article, we'll show you how to set up your marketing lists for successful synchronisation.

Create a Marketing List to sync with Engagement Cloud

Before you add any contacts to Engagement Cloud, you must first create a Marketing List in Microsoft Dynamics. This creates an address book in the linked Engagement Cloud account and populates these with contacts from your marketing list.

To learn how to create a Marketing List in Microsoft Dynamics, check out Create and synchronise marketing lists in Microsoft Dynamics.

To make sure your marketing list syncs with an Engagement Cloud address book, you must set up your marketing list with the following settings:

Email Settings

  • Activated for Email = Yes
  • Member type = Contact or Lead
  • Type = Static or Dynamic
    • Static lists can sync contacts from both Engagement Cloud to Microsoft Dynamics and Microsoft Dynamics to Engagement Cloud.
    • Dynamic lists can only sync contacts from Microsoft Dynamics to Engagement Cloud and not the other way around.

Sync Settings

  • For static lists, under the heading On Sync, choose either:
    • Add records to address book
    • Remove address book members not in this list
    • Allow only known contacts to be added to this list
    • Add all address book members to this list as contacts


Engagement Cloud address book

After you synchronise the Marketing List with the correct settings, an address book with the same name will exist in Engagement Cloud.

When you create new contacts within this address book, they are synchronised back to Microsoft Dynamics.

Existing signup forms and surveys

You must update the settings of any existing signup forms or surveys to make sure they add new contacts to the correct address book and Microsoft Dynamics is kept up-to-date.

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