Currency conversion

Using currency conversion

If your business sells in multiple currencies, Engagement Cloud can convert your orders back to a base reporting currency. This is done using the appropriate historical conversion rates based on the date the order was made.

Setting your base currency

You can set your base currency in the 'Ecommerce' area under the 'My store' option.

Once you have set your currency, click the Refresh button so your dashboards display the recalculated exchange rates.

Order data must be in the correct format

To benefit from our currency conversion, your order should match the required order schema.

Specifically, your orders' 'Currency' field must include a standard, three character currency code (see below for a list).

We support the following currencies:

  • GBP £
  • USD $
  • EUR €
  • RUB ₽
  • AUD $
  • BRL R$
  • CAD $
  • CZK Kč
  • DKK kr
  • EGP 
  • HKD $
  • HUF Ft
  • ILS ₪
  • JPY ¥
  • MXN $
  • TWD NT$
  • NZD $
  • NOK kr
  • PHP ₱
  • PLN zł
  • MYR RM
  • MXN $
  • SGD $
  • SEK kr
  • THB ฿
  • VND 
  • ZAR R
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    Our brand has 3x regional sites, operating in the multiple currencies (GBP, EURO and US DOLLAR). However we only have one DotDigital account for said brand, so it's good to know therefore that the platform is able to handle the conversion of multiple currencies in one account for reporting purposes.

    However, how does this work when it comes to serving up product recommendations in multiple curreincies? Our product catalog is currently only sending in products in one currency (GBP) for our UK website, but we'd like to begin sending in catalog data and using product recommendations for our row (EURO) and us (US DOLLAR) sites too.

    Edited by Joshua Hart
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    Our setup assumes that each storefront operates from a distinct catalogue. For example:


    All orders are synced to a single orders collection to power the commerce intelligence reporting in your chosen business currency.

    If that doesn't suit your setup, there may be some good news if you can sync those additional currency fields to us. Look out for some upcoming visual editing upgrades for recommendation blocks which will let you choose the fields to show. With this you could create a block for each currency, then use either separate campaigns or dynamic content in a single campaign to show the right one.

    Best regards,