Ecommerce reports and non-marketing contacts


Our commerce intelligence reports give you insights into your customers' behaviour, such as customer lifetime value (CLV) and average order value (AOV). These reports cover all contacts synced to your account – by default, these are the contacts who agree to receive marketing communications from you. 

This article looks at why you would want to expand the scope of your reports, and how to do it carefully.

Syncing non-marketing contacts

With our ecommerce integrations, you can widen the scope of your reports by syncing all your contacts into your account. This means including contacts who have subscribed for marketing communications and those who haven't. 

If you do sync all contacts to your account, you must be extra careful to only send campaigns to contacts who have subscribed to marketing communications. To do this, you must understand how ecommerce platforms organise your contacts.

How Dotdigital organises your contacts

We broke this section down into two sections: Magento and non-Magento. This is because, if you use Magento, your Dotdigital address book looks slightly different. 


With Magento, Dotdigital organises your contacts into three address books:

  • Customers 
    Contains registered account-holding customers from your Magento site. This address book is not for marketing campaigns.
  • Subscribers 
    Contains customers who have opted into the newsletter subscription on your site. This address book is for marketing campaigns.
  • Guests 
    Contains email addresses from orders placed using the guest checkout feature. This address book is not for marketing campaigns.


With most other ecommerce solutions, Dotdigital organises your contacts into two address books:

  • Customers 
    Contains all your contacts. This address book is not for marketing campaigns.
  • Subscribers 
    Contains all marketing contacts (guests and customers). This address book is for marketing campaigns.

When sending a campaign, it is your responsibility to use the correct address books and appropriate filtering to exclude all contacts who do not wish to receive marketing communications. Read more about this in the article Segmenting on address books

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