Replies from SMS campaigns

Managing replies to your SMS campaigns

Your SMS campaign is likely to require your contacts to reply with a word or piece of information which opts them in or out of further communications.

You can access these by clicking on Replies.

All replies are listed on the 'My replies' page, displaying the contact's mobile number, the keyword they used to reply with (if applicable), the date the reply was received and the message received.


To export an Excel file of your replies, click on Export to the left and then click on Export all.

Viewing suppressed contacts

When a contact replies to opt-out of your communications, they get added to your suppressed contacts list and they won't be sent any more SMS. You can access this by going to Contacts > Suppressed contacts.

Please note - any phone numbers in this list also won't get sent to via the SMS program messaging channel.


To export an Excel file of your suppressed contacts, click on Export to the left and then click on Export all.

No resubscribe option

You can't resubscribe a contact to SMS once they've opted out. However, a contact can text 'START' or 'UNSTOP' to resubscribe themselves. Please bear this in mind if, for instance, you're testing SMS with your own phone number.

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