View your SMS inbound messages

Learn to read and view the status of the inbound SMS messages received from your contacts.


If your SMS campaign needs your contacts to reply with a word or information to opt them in or out of a campaign, you can see these replies in the SMS inbound message inbox.

View the SMS inbox

To find your SMS inbox:

  1. Go to SMS.
  2. Expand the Reports drop-down menu, and select Inbound messages.

Understanding the SMS inbox

All your inbound messages appear in the SMS inbox. In the SMS inbox, you can see all inbound message information:

  • From
    The telephone number that the message came from.
  • Date received
    The data and time that you received the message.
  • Keyword
    Any keywords the sender included in the message.
  • Message
    The content of the message.
    If the message is longer than the displayed content, hover over the message to show the full text.
  • Datafield 1
    Any content inserted in the contact's profile for datafield 1.

Set the date range

Select date range at the top-right, and choose a time frame for the messages you want to see.

Add or remove information from the inbound message view

To add or remove information from the message inbox view:

  1. Select Display at the top-right.
  2. From Table display settings, select or clear the check boxes to add or remove information from the inbox display.
    Available display items
    • Select all
    • From
    • Date sent
    • Keyword
    • Datafield1
    • Datafield2
    • Datafield3
    • Datafield4

Search by phone number

To search by phone number:

  1. Select the Search by number box at the top of the table.
  2. Enter the phone number you want to search for.
  3. On your keyboard, select Enter.

Export your SMS inbound messages

To export your SMS inbox:

  1. Go to SMS > Reports > Inbound messages.
  2. Expand the Export drop-down menu and select Export all. The export CSV file downloads to your local computer.

Delete an inbound message

To delete an inbound message from the SMS inbox:

  1. Find the message you want to delete, and select its check box.
  2. Select Delete at the top of the inbox.
  3. On the confirmation, select Delete.

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