Abandoned cart: Setting up an abandoned cart program - Magento 2

Learn to set up an abandoned cart program for your Magento 2 store. 


The Abandoned Cart Program functionality is set up and configured directly within the interface of the connector and can be sent to customers and guests.  

It’s similar to the Email Series functionality but provides more flexibility and customisation. You will use the Program Builder to its fullest capability to tailor abandoned cart campaigns to fit your business needs.  For example, you can send different types of content based on the price within the cart, the products chosen or even based on previous interactions taken on campaigns sent.

When customers or guests add products to their cart and abandon it an import is made automatically to Dotdigital with their cart information. This gets stored in as CartInsight data against the contact. This data can then be used within Trigger Campaigns to output the cart content by using the Abandoned Cart building block from the EasyEditor.

If your Magento instance has more then one website, you can configure different emails and settings per website.

Before you start

This feature is only available for Magento 2 and requires connector version 3.20 and above.

To check your connector version go to Reports > Dashboard. To find the connector files, go to our GitHub repository.

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Creating an abandoned cart email

The abandoned cart uses a series of triggered campaigns that are added to a program. The email should contain the latest contents of a visitors cart. This is done by using the abandoned cart building block.

To create and build triggered campaigns:

  1. Choose Automation > Triggered Campaign Content > Add New.
  2. Follow the creation wizard.  Select a template, enter a campaign name, and add campaign details.
  3. Use EasyEditor to starting customising the content and building the campaign.
  4. Drag and drop the abandoned cart block into the desired area. You will see placeholder text in this block. This is normal behaviour, on send the contact’s CartInsight data is inserted.

    Once you upgrade Magento 2 to v4.9.0, we add data to your Dotdigital account to make the Abandoned cart block appear.

  5. When done, click Save.


If you need additional help with campaign building, view our Get Started section.

Creating an abandoned cart program

Contacts are enrolled into an abandoned cart program when they (as visitors on your store) abandon a cart while browsing your site. Enrollment begins following the timing set within your Magento settings, upon enrollment into the program contacts may wait up to 15 minutes before flowing through. If you are new to programs, we suggest that you watch the Automation training videos or review our Automation section.

When building your abandoned cart program, we suggest that you use a Decision node to check two items:

  1. If the contact has completed the order before sending the abandoned cart email.  This is determined by looking at the cartPhase. If cartPhase is equal to ORDER_COMPLETE the contact placed the order.
  2. If the contact has removed all items from the cart.  This is determined by looking at the subTotal.  If subTotal is equal to 0 then the contents of the cart have been emptied.

You can create programs by going to Automation > My programs > New program.  Below is an example of a simple program that can be used to send your Abandoned Cart emails.

Start node

Set the Start node to ‘No scheduled enrolment’


Decision node

Attach a Decision node to the Start node. In the Decision node, create a condition that includes only contacts who have a cartPhase value of ORDER_COMPLETE and ModifiedDate occurs today OR contacts who have a subTotal value equal to 0 and ModifiedDate occurs today.  cartPhase and subTotal are found under the CartInsight block when building the segment. 


  • 'NO' path - Attach a Campaign node to the 'NO' path of the Decision node. In the Campaign node, select your abandoned cart email.
  • 'YES' path - Attach an End node to the 'YES' path of the Decision node. Contacts will exit the program if they completed their order.

The entire program will look similar to this:


Additional campaigns

If you want to send more than one abandoned cart email, repeat the process from above by adding a delay node and campaign node for each additional email you wish to send. 

The condition of the Decision node should follow the same logic used previously but should look for items created after the first Delay node.

For example, if your second email will be sent 3 days after the first was sent then includes only contacts who have a cartPhase value of ORDER_COMPLETE and ModifiedDate occurs in the last 3 days OR contacts who have a subTotalequal to 0 and ModifiedDate occurs in the last last 3 days.


Testing the abandoned cart process

We recommend thoroughly testing the abandoned cart process on your development store before finalising your changes.  You can test one of two ways.

Exclusion Rules

You can add Exclusion Rules to the connector settings to prevent visitors from being enrolled unless the conditions are met.  

  1. From Magento access Marketing > Exclusion Rules
  2. Select Add New Rule and select your type and websites.  When done click Save
  3. Go to Conditions and select the combination match.  If you are using multiple lines choose ANY instead of ALL.
  4. Select the Email Attribute and set the condition as IS NOT.  Enter the email address that should receive the abandoned cart email into the Value field.  This prevents emails being sent to any visitor but the email address listed in that field.


Decision Node

In your abandoned cart program, attach a Decision node to the Start node. This Decision node will remove contacts from the program if their 'Email' contact data field doesn't match your test email addresses.

    • 'YES' path -Contacts will continue through the rest of the program if their 'Email' contact data field is equal to the email address that you're testing with
    • 'NO' path - Contacts will exit the program if they do not have this email address


After testing, remember to remove the extra Decision node from the program.

Enabling the abandoned cart program

The program can be mapped and enabled from the Magento connector settings. This can be accessed in Magento.

  1. Go to STORES > Configuration > Dotdigital > Abandoned Carts > Abandoned Cart Program, and select the program created from the 'Enrol abandoned cart to' dropdown (only programs in an active state are listed)
  2. Set the time period for enrollment after a cart is abandoned.  15 minutes is the minimum and 12 hours is the max.
  3. When finished, click Save.


Program not listed?

The abandoned cart program must be active to map it from the connector settings.

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