Commerce intelligence data validation


To use our commerce intelligence data models, such as RFM, dashboards, and reports, you need to sync your order data into your account. Normally, this happens automatically or by turning on a setting within one of our ecommerce integrations.

Formatting your data

To make sure everything works smoothly, your order data needs to be in the correct structure and format. We have helpful resources on how order data structures should look and the currency codes we support.

Viewing your dependencies warnings

When you view any commerce intelligence area in your account (Ecommerce), we trigger automatic data validation to make sure your order data meets the required dependencies.
If there are errors with your order data, you have the option to click view errors. This opens a side panel that provides further details.


To use commerce intelligence features, you need to fix any errors, delete your order data from your account, and then resync.

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