Manage your page templates

Learn to manage your page templates for Pages and forms.


The My templates page lets you manage your current templates.

Managing your templates

You can manage your page templates from the My templates page. To get to My templates:

  1. Go to Pages and forms.
  2. From the Pages and forms drop-down navigation menu, select My templates.

Preview a template

To preview a template, hover over the template and then select Preview.

Edit a template

To edit a template, hover over the template and then select Select to open it in EasyEditor.

Delete a template

To delete a template:

  1. Hover over the template and then select the checkbox.
  2. Select Delete.

Organise your templates

You can also create and organise your templates into folders. 

  • Select More actions to move your templates into other folders or rename them.
  • Select Display allows you to switch the folders function off if you don't require it.

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