Add a page as a pop-over on a site

Learn to add your Pages and forms page as a pop-over on your site.


There are two different ways to use a page on your site:

Before you start

Make sure you're on the Publish panel of the page editor for the page you want to add.

To get to the Publish panel:

  1. Go to the page editor Pages and forms > My pages and forms > *page to embed* > Edit.
  2. Select Published page, at the top-right of the page.

Adding a pop-over

To add your page as a pop-over:

  1. Under Generate embed or pop-over code, select Generate pop-over code.
  2. Copy the generated code and paste it between the HTML <body> tags of your site.
  3. Edit your pop-over settings:
    Option Description
    Show after Time, in seconds, until the pop-over appears. For instant pop-over, choose 0 seconds.
    Stop displaying Options of when the pop-over stops displaying to the user.
    • Only when the form is completed
    • After a number of appearances
    Appearances  Choose the number of appearances until the pop-over stops displaying.

    Only appears when After a number of appearances is selected for Stop displaying.
    Mobile display Show the pop-over on mobile devices. We don't recommend you allow this.
    Dismiss options Lets the user use the Esc key to close the pop-over.
    The pop-over code automatically updates when configuring these options.
  4. After editing the settings, copy the generated code and paste it just before the closing HTML </body> tag of your site.

Please note

  • If the page is completed, the pop-over won't display again for 365 days.
  • Once the pop-over appearances limit is reached, the pop-over will stop displaying for seven days
  • The pop-over uses cookies in order to work; if a visitor's browser or browser extension is set up to block cookies then none of your configurations apply and the pop-over always displays. 

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