Abandoned carts

Learn how to view the abandoned carts for your store.


If you are using abandoned cart functionality to power your automations, this area shows a list of abandoned carts for your store and their reporting data.

Carts shown in this area represent potentially recoverable revenue. This means:

  • The cart hasn’t been converted.
  • The contact associated with the cart hasn’t been deleted.

Viewing abandoned cart reports

To view your abandoned carts, go to Ecommerce > My store > Abandoned carts.


The three tiles across the top of the Abandoned carts area shows reporting data for your store’s abandoned carts, such as:

  • Value of potential sales: The value of all products in all carts for the selected date range.
  • Avg. items per cart: The average number of items in carts for the selected date range.
  • Avg. cart age: The average age in days of carts for the selected date range.

By default, the screen shows the last 30 days, but this can be adjusted to any time period by selecting the date range picker.


Viewing an abandoned cart

To view an abandoned cart, go to Ecommerce > My store > Abandoned carts, and select a contact’s email address under the Email column.

Selecting a contact email address shows you in-depth cart details, such as:

  • The email address of who abandoned the cart (Created by)
  • The date the cart was created (Created, Cart created)
  • The cart value (Cart value)
  • A list of items with the quantity and price (Item, Qty, Price)
  • The total of all items in the cart (Total)



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