Set the abandoned cart conversion window

Learn to set the abandoned cart conversion window.


The conversion window is the time after your customer creates and abandons a cart where their cart is most likely to be recovered.

The default conversion window is customisable, but before you make changes, it's essential to understand that the abandoned cart life cycle is very short. By default, we set the conversion window as seven days.

To learn more about the conversion window and the logic behind abandoned carts, check out the article Understand how our abandoned cart model works.

Set the conversion window

The default conversion window is seven days. You know your own data best, and it's up to you how you set your conversion window. But before changing, read the article Understand how our abandoned cart model works carefully.

To manually set your conversion window:

  1. In your account, go to Ecommerce > All stores > Ecommerce settings.
  2. Under Abandoned carts conversion window, enter a number (of days) into the conversion window field.
  3. Select Save.

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