Enable system alerts - Magento 2

Learn how to turn on system alerts, so that you can receive notifications when certain functions go wrong in Magento 2.


You can turn on system alerts in Magento 2 to notify you about:

  • Any CRON or sync errors.
  • When abandoned cart campaigns or program enrolments fail or get stuck.
  • If transactional email sends start failing.

The alerts can appear in-app or be sent to you by email for when you’re away from the app.

Default settings

System alerts are turned on by default for in-app messages only. Email notifications are turned off by default.

Enable system alerts

To enable system alerts in Magento 2:

  1. Go to STORES > Configuration > Dotdigital > Developer > System Alerts.
  2. From the Enable System Messages drop-down menu, select Yes to enable it.
  3. From the Enable Email Notifications drop-down menu, select Yes to enable it.

    Once turned on, system alerts are sent to your Magento account email address.

  4. In the Select Roles list, select the user or groups of users that should receive the alerts.
  5. Expand the Alert Frequency drop-down menu, and select how often you want alert updates to be sent out.

    This setting controls both email notification frequency and the time period we report errors. For example, select 24 Hours to receive an email every 24 hours, so you can see any errors which may have occurred in this time period.

  6. Select Save Config when you’re done.
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