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Magento Open Source and Adobe Commerce post-installation
Magento Open Source and Adobe Commerce post-installation

Learn key steps to get up and running with Dotdigital for Magento 2.

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This quick-start guide is intended for Dotdigital for Magento 2 users coming from a Magento 2.x installation and who aren't looking to get too technical. It focuses on the most important things you need to know, and do, in order to get going once installation is complete.

Before you start

Things you need to know:

  • Our Magento 2 (Adobe Commerce) integration has an initial onboarding charge for setup assistance, and a monthly license fee to ensure ongoing support and development. To learn more, speak to your Customer Success Manager.

Start your Dotdigital trial

To start your Dotdigital trial:

  1. Install Magento 2.x, and then install and activate Dotdigital for Magento 2.

    If you're installing Magento 2.2.2+, then Dotdigital for Magento 2 is automatically installed and activated for you.

  2. Go to Stores > Configuration > Dotdigital > Accounts.

  3. Select the Start free trial banner.

  4. A form opens for you to fill in with your details. Once complete, select Start your trial.

This maps your data fields and creates the three lists you need in your Dotdigital account; Customers, Guests and Subscribers.


If your Magento instance is running securely over HTTPS, then you' can create the account directly from Magento using the signup form.

If it's not running over HTTPS, then you're redirected to instead. After creating the account there, you must:

Automation - welcome emails

Using automation with your customer activity is a great way to get the most out of the connector and enrol certain behaviours to selected programs.

To do this:

  1. Create a program in Dotdigital and activate it with no scheduled enrolment.

  2. In Magento, go to Stores > Configuration, expand the Dotdigital section of the left side menu, then select Automation.

    You see the types of visitor actions that allow you to enrol contacts into a program.

  3. Expand the drop-down menu for the activity type you want to enrol into an automation, then select the program you want.

  4. Repeat this for as many activity types as you want, then select Save Config.

Automation - abandoned cart emails

Abandoned cart automation works a little differently from the standard welcome automation. Rather than creating your abandoned cart program in Dotdigital, you can instead configure a series of email sends in Magento, using Dotdigital campaigns.

To set up the abandoned cart email series

  1. Create your triggered campaign content in Dotdigital. Make sure you name the campaigns clearly to make it simple to identify them in Magento.

  2. Once you’re happy with your campaigns, in Magento, go to Dotdigital > Abandoned carts.

  3. For each abandoned cart email you want to send:

    1. Expand the Enabled/Disabled drop-down menu and select Enabled.

    2. Expand the Send after drop-down menu and select the delay before the campaign should be sent.

      Timings are in minutes.

    3. Expand the Campaign to Send drop-down menu and select the triggered campaign you want to send.

  4. Select Save Config.

Test your email series

After setting up your email series, you should test it. As you won’t yet want real contacts to receive them, you need to set up an exclusion list.

To do this:

  1. Select MARKETING from the left side menu, then select Exclusion rules under Customer Engagement.

  2. Select Add New Rule.

  3. On the Rule Information screen, give your rule a name, and set the rule type, status and which websites to apply the rule to.

  4. Select Conditions from the left side menu, then select Add New Condition.

  5. Expand the Attribute drop-down menu and select Email.

  6. Expand the Condition drop-down menu and select is not.

  7. In the Value field, enter your own email address. This results in any contact who is not you being excluded from the abandoned cart email sends.

  8. If you want to use more than one email address for testing, expand the Conditions Combination Match drop-down menu and select ANY, then select Add New Condition and repeat the steps above to add additional email addresses that you want to receive the emails.

Once you’re happy with your testing, you can delete the exclusion rule, or edit it to create other conditions, for example, excluding anyone whose basket value is less than a certain amount.

Abandoned cart limits

If you want to prevent contacts from receiving too many abandoned cart emails within a certain time period, then you can change the rule set to impose a limit.

To do this:

  1. In Magento, go to Stores > Configuration, expand the Dotdigital section of the left side menu, then select Configuration.

  2. Under Abandoned Carts, expand the Abandoned Cart Limit drop-down menu and select the time period until the next abandoned cart email can be sent.

  3. Select Save Config.

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