29 July 2020 - Engagement Cloud for Magento 2 (v4.7.0-RC2) preview

What's new

  • In-app system messages for system alerts are now enabled by default.
  • We’ve added new API methods to fetch pages and forms from Engagement Cloud.
  • dotdigital forms embedded in CMS pages and blocks can now add email addresses to Magento’s newsletter subscribers list. 
  • Easy Email Capture for newsletter subscriptions now happens on the server side after submit (this supports our forms integration for Page Builder).
  • We’ve added a helper method to check if Magento has an active Engagement Cloud account enabled at any level. 
  • Programs listed in dotdigital > Abandoned Carts > Abandoned Cart Program now list all programs, even those whose status is Draft or Deactivated. 
  • We’ve fixed a small omission in the install schema script, by adding a nullable property to the last_subscribed_at column in email_contact.
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