SMS contact opt outs

Learn about opt-outs for SMS contacts.


Contacts can opt-out of SMS communications by replying to an SMS campaign with one of a specific set of stop words.

SMS stop words (these are not case sensitive):

  • STOP
  • QUIT
  • END

SMS opt-out behaviour is the same whether the SMS is sent through the dedicated SMS area of the platform, or through an SMS node in an automated program.

After a stop word is received

When a contact replies to an SMS campaign with a stop word, we automatically suppress the contact, so they do not receive any more SMS campaigns from you.

View suppressed contacts

To view your suppressed SMS contacts:

  1. Go to the SMS area.
  2. Select Contacts > Suppressed contacts.


Export suppressed contacts

To export a list of your suppressed SMS contacts as a CSV file:

  1. Go to the SMS area.
  2. Select Contacts > Suppressed contacts.
  3. Optional: Select <Display to select the checkboxes for the columns of data you want to include in your export. Select APPLY.
  4. Expand the EXPORT drop-down menu and select Export all.
  5. You're taken to the Exports screen. When your export is ready, Finished is displayed in the Status column. Select Download.

If you want to access the exported file at a later date, you can go to Settings (⋮) > Exports. Your recent exports are stored here for 30 days.

View opt-out messages

You can also see the opt-out messages from your contact in the SMS inbox.

To find the SMS inbox, go to SMS > Reporting > Inbound messages.

Resubscribe a contact

After a contact has opted out, you can't resubscribe them to SMS.

However, the contact can resubscribe themselves to SMS by messaging START or UNSTOP. This is useful to know when you test SMS with your own phone number.

SMS Unsubscribe and resubscribe

Depending on how you have configured your SMS sending, contacts may need to include your keyword in their reply to unsubscribe or resubscribe. To learn more, check out the Unsubscribe and resubscribe to SMS campaigns article.

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