SMS to Email

Learn how to set up the SMS to Email integration.


This integration lets you forward incoming SMS messages from a long number, short code, or shared short code and keyword to one or more email contacts. This is a great way to help you handle responses more efficiently.

Before you start

Things you need to know:

Step 1: Find the integration

To set up SMS to Email:

  1. Go to Integration hub, and select the Other integrations tab.
  2. Select SMS to Email.
  3. Select Use Integration.

Step 2: Set up SMS to Email settings

To set up your SMS to Email settings:

  1. On the integration setup, expand the Forward SMS drop-down menu, and choose to forward either All or Specific numbers or short codes. Once complete, select Next.
  2. If you chose Specific in Step 1, under Numbers to forward select the specific numbers, short codes, or keywords you want to forward, select the long number, short code, or keyword you want to forward inbound messages to email.

    This is required only if you answered Specific in the previous step.

  3. In the Email addresses box, enter the email addresses you want the SMS message forwarded to. Once complete, select Next.

    Separate each email address with a semicolon ;.

  4. Expand the Custom subject line drop-down menu, select Yes if you want to use a specific subject line for your emails. Enter the subject line for your emails in the Subject line box. If you want to use an automated subject line, select No. Once complete, select Next.

    The automated subject line shows as SMS forwarded from ###. ### is the number where the SMS was sent from.

  5. For From email address, enter the registered domain email address you want to send from. If not, leave it blank to use your default transactional email address.
  6. For Description, enter a description to make this SMS to Email integration recognisable.
  7. Select Next to finalise the setup process.

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