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Send an SMS using email

You can use your email client to send an SMS message. This is a useful, quick way to send short single send messages to your contacts.

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Before you start

Things you need to do before you start:

  • Enable SMS and Email2SMS on your account.

  • Understand the SMS regulations and requirements for each of the countries you are sending your SMS messages to.

Contact your Customer Success representative to discuss.

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Send an SMS using your email

  1. Open your email client and start a new email.

  2. For the To address, enter the contact's phone number followed by your email2sms email address.


  3. For the subject, enter your account code, the destination two-letter country code, and the originator (from name). Each separated by a number sign (#).


    This email address is provided to you, along with your Account code, when you complete the registration process for Email2SMS.
    The phone number can be in international or local format. For example, 447123123123 is international format for the UK. If you use a local format, you must specify the country code using the COUNTRYCODE option and value. For example, Great Britain is GB.

  4. For the message body, enter your message. Remember this is an SMS, so keep it short.
    Messages can be a maximum of 10 SMS segments.
    Learn more in SMS message length and Unicode.

  5. At the end of the message body, insert the closing tag #end#. We won't include anything after the closing tag in the message.


    You must use the #end# tag to make sure you don't include unwanted content and gain unwanted charges.

  6. When you're ready, send your message.

Email2SMS reports

To see the reports for your Email2SMS sends, go to Analytics > Reports, then expand the MORE REPORTS drop-down menu and select SMS.

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