Tools: Hide content before or after a specified time

Learn how to use the Time target block to show and hide content before or after a set time in your pages and forms.


Use the Time target building block to make content visible before or after a set time. This is useful if you're promoting a time-limited sale on your page, or promoting entry into a competition that has a definitive start and finish date. This block only appears when relevant and disappears once irrelevant.

Before you start

Things you need to know:

  • This article assumes you are either editing or creating a new page or form.
    To learn how, check out the Pages and forms section Create, view, and edit.

Add a Time target block

To add a Time target block to your page or form:

  1. In EasyEditor, drag the Time target block onto the page builder canvas.
  2. Select the Settings icon on the Time target block.
  3. On Edit time settings, choose if you want to Hide before a date or Hide after a date, and then select Yes. This opens the Hide before date picker.
  4. For Hide before, select the box and use the date picker to choose a date.
  5. If you want to choose a specific time, select the At a certain time check box.
    The timezone is the one you use for your account.
  6. Select Apply.

That’s it! Continue editing your page or form.

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