Set up abandoned carts in Shopware 6

Learn to set up abandoned cart functionality in your Shopware 6 store.


The Shopware 6 connector allows you to send abandoned cart emails to logged in customers of your website. This feature is free of charge and is included with the connector. 

Logged in customers can abandon their cart on any page to trigger program enrolment which sends the campaign(s).   The scenarios below outline the main processes that trigger enrolment: 

  • Shopper logs into their account ➔ Adds items to their cart ➔ Abandons
  • Shopper adds items to their cart ➔ Logs into their account ➔ Updates their cart ➔ Abandons

At this point, the cart details are stored as a record in that contact's CartInsight data collection. This CartInsight data includes items such as the URL of the cart, the products in the cart and the price of the cart.


The abandoned cart feature is quick to set up and intuitive, and you don't need to add any custom code to your store.

You need to build a program and map that program from the settings of the connector.

You have complete control over your program and can decide how many campaigns should be sent, the cadence of these campaigns, and the content within those campaigns. Cart content is easily inserted into the campaign by using the abandoned cart block. Enrolment can happen as soon as 30 minutes after the cart has been abandoned.

Before you start

Things you need to know:

  • Check out the Shopware 6 integration checklist to help track your progress.
  • You must install the Dotdigital for Shopware 6 extension before you can set up abandoned carts in your Shopware 6 account.
    To learn more check out the article, Install Dotdigital for Shopware 6 extension for tracking.
  • To use the Shopware 6 Abandoned Cart functionality you must be on version 1.1.0+ of the connector.
    To check your version, go to Admin > Plugins > Installed Plugins within Shopware 6.

Step 1: Create an abandoned cart email

An abandoned cart email contains the latest contents of a contact's cart in a pre-built layout, which is populated with CartInsight data.  Abandoned cart emails are sent automatically through programs. Therefore, make sure you create an abandoned cart email as a triggered campaign.

Create an abandoned cart email by going to Automation > Triggered campaign content Add new.

For more information, check out the article Create an abandoned email.

Step 2: Preview the content of an abandoned cart block

You can preview the text that will be displayed to a contact when the email is sent by using the personalised preview.

  1. Select Preview > Personalisation icon.
  2. Enter the email address of a contact that has a CartInsight data record.  To find out which contacts have a CartInsight data record, create a segment that contains those contacts.
    For more information, check out the article Create a segment.

If you need additional help with building an email campaign, read the email campaigns Getting Started section.

Step 3: Create an abandoned cart program

Contacts are enrolled into an abandoned cart program when they abandon items in their shopping cart while browsing your site. The enrolment into the program will be configured in your ecommerce integration, but in order to do this you need to create and activate an abandoned cart program

Create an abandoned cart program by going to Automation > My programs > New program.

For more information, check out the article Create an abandoned cart program.

New to Automation?

If you are new to program building we suggest you watch the Automation training videos or review our Automation section.

Step 4: Activate the abandoned cart process

To set up abandoned carts in Shopware 6:

  1. In Shopware 6, go to Extension > My extensions.
  2. Find the Dotdigital for Shopware app, then expand the settings drop-down menu and select Configuration.
  3. Under the heading Abandoned Carts, select the Enable abandoned carts check box.
  4. For Abandoned cart Program ID, enter the ID for your abandoned cart program in Dotdigital.
  5. For Allow abandoned cart delay (minutes), enter the amount of time you want to pass before the customer enters your abandoned cart program.
  6. To let customers who aren't subscribed to your marketing communications enter your Abandoned cart program, select the Allow abandoned cart for non-subscribed contacts check box.
  7. Select Save.


The abandoned cart program must be in an active status for enrolment to begin.

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