Create new leads from Dotdigital to Salesforce

Learn how to sync any new leads captured in Dotdigital with your Salesforce account.


Whether you use a signup form, landing page, or Chat to capture new contacts in Dotdigital, the Salesforce integration makes it straightforward to send these new leads to Salesforce whenever you need.

Before you start

Things you need to know:

  • This feature is currently in public preview. Contact your customer success manager to learn more.
  • For any account you wish to enable lead creation, you need to make sure the option “Clear Address Books” is disabled to avoid any new leads to be removed from the address book before the sync starts.
    To do this, go to Configuration > Settings > Account Settings and clear the Clear Address Books check box.
  • You must set up the field mapping for leads to let data sync from Dotdigital to Salesforce.
    To do this, go to Configuration > Settings > Fields Mapping > Leads, map the `First name`, `Last name`, and `Company` Salesforce Fields using the Sync direction value Two-way or Dotdigital to Salesforce.


Sync new leads to an address book 

Each Email address book in the Salesforce integration can be used to create new leads.
To activate this feature on one of the email address book:

  1. In Salesforce, go to Email Address Books.
  2. Select the Address book you want to sync new leads with.
  3. Select Advanced.
  4. Select the Create Salesforce leads from new address book members check box.
  5. Select Save.

Any contacts added to the address book with both Last Name and Company since the last sync in Dotdigital will be created as a new Salesforce lead when the address book next syncs, using the field mapping you set up previously.

If the Salesforce Org requires more than the standard mandatory fields of Last Name and Company, they need to be mapped and have values in the Dotdigital contact.  

The Lead will be created with a Lead Status of "New".

This excludes any contacts previously synced from Salesforce.

If multiple new contacts are added to the address book at the same time, they will be processed in batch during the sync and created in the CRM using Salesforce's bulk API.

Address books linked to a campaign

If the email address book is linked to a Salesforce campaign, the lead will also be added as a member of this campaign with the default status Sent.

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