Connect Dotdigital to your Shopware 6 store

Learn how to install, set up, and get started using the Shopware 6 connector.


When you connect your Shopware 6 store to Dotdigital, you can synchronise your Shopware customers, subscribers, products and orders, map your data fields, and use this data for better campaign targeting. You can also enrol new customers and new subscribers into your programs.

Before you start

Things you need to know:

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Connect your Shopware 6 store

To connect your Shopware 6 store:

  1. Go to Integration hub > Featured.
  2. Find and select the Shopware tile.
  3. Enter your Shopware store URL in Shop URL.
  4. Enter your Integration Key and Integration Secret.
    You can create these inside Shopware 6's integrations section, and they must have administrator permissions. To learn more, check out the Shopware 6 article Integrations.
  5. Select Submit.
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