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Use multiple Sales Channels with Shopware 6
Use multiple Sales Channels with Shopware 6

Learn how to use multiple sales channels with your Shopware 6 to Dotdigital integration.

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The Shopware 6 and Dotdigital integration simplifies the process of synchronising data from your multiple Shopware sales channels to Dotdigital.

This allows you to effortlessly separate and view your storefront customers, subscribers, products, and orders within your account.

Before you start

Things you need to know:

  • You must have already set up the Shopware to Dotdigital integration.

  • You must already have additional Sales Channels set up in your Shopware account.

  • You might need to ask your Customer Success Manager to increase the number of connected stores allowed on your account.

Use multiple Sales Channels with Shopware 6

After setting up the integration, to add other Shopware Sales Channels to Dotdigital:

  1. In Dotdigital, go to Connect > Integrations.

  2. Under SHOW, select the Installed.

  3. Select Shopware, then select the Connect a Sales Channel tab.

  4. Under Available Sales Channels, find the sales channel you want to connect, then select Connect.

  5. Once connected, you can edit each Sales Channel's settings individually.

Subscribers and customers

Your subscribers and customers for each Sales Channel can be mapped to separate lists. You can do this within the sync settings for each individual sales channel.

To find a specific Sales Channel and update its sync settings:

  1. In Dotdigital, go to Connect > Integrations and select the Active tab.

  2. Select the Shopware tile for the Sales Channel you want to edit.

  3. Under Contacts, expand the Sync subscribers to drop-down menu, then choose the list you want to sync subscribers to.

  4. Expand the Sync customers to drop-down menu, then choose the list you want to sync customers to.

  5. Select SAVE.

Insight data for multiple Sales Channels

Data from your multiple Sales Channels is stored individually. In this section, you learn where to find your Sales Channel’s Products, Categories, and Orders insight data.

Products and categories insight data

To find product and category insight data:

  1. Expand the User menu, then go to Settings > General > Insight data.

  2. You see a list of your insight data. Data synced from Shopware Sales Channels follows the following naming format:

    [type of data]_[sales channel name]_Shopware6
    For example:


To find the Sales Channel in a contact’s order insight data:

  1. Go to Audience > Contacts.

  2. Select the contact for which you want to see order Insight data.

  3. Select the Insight data tab.

  4. Expand the data type drop-down menu and select Orders.

  5. In the insight data, find the attribute store_name. Here you can see the name of the Sales Channel the order was made from.

    You can use this store_name attribute to segment based on Sales Channel.

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