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Add an individual contact to a list
Add an individual contact to a list

Input custom details yourself and add any additional information you need.

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Manually entering an individual contact is a time-efficient solution when dealing with a small number of additions, helping you to maintain an accurate and up-to-date contact list easily.

Need to add a lot of contacts?

Importing contacts is best when you have a lot of contacts to add. Learn how in Importing contacts.

Add an individual contact

  1. Go to Audience > Lists.

  2. Find the list you want to add the contact to, and expand the Add contacts drop-down menu, then select Add contact.

  3. In the Enter contact details window, enter an email address, mobile number or both for your contact, then select ADD CONTACT.

If you enter both an email address and a mobile number, both channel identifiers must be unique to a single contact. If, for example, you already have a mobile number stored for a contact which is associated with a different email address from that which you’re trying to add, you see an error message.

The contact is added to the relevant list. It you want to add additional data for the contact, you can select the Edit icon to go to the Single customer view for that contact. Here you can add or amend any contact details you want.

Learn more in Edit a contact.

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