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Search for a contact

Perform additional actions on specific contacts.

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Before you start

You can search for and filter the contacts in your account based on their full email address, mobile number, or parts of them.

You can do this to:

  • Find all the contacts from a particular company or domain name.

  • Find contacts with mobile numbers that contain specific country codes.

  • Find a specific contact and view their information.

  • Perform additional actions on specific contacts.

Learn more in Single customer view.

Search for a contact

  1. Go to Audience > Contacts.

  2. In the Search field, enter your search terms, such as the email address or the parts of an email address you want to search for. As you type, you see a popover which allows you to narrow your search to email address, mobile number or domain. For example, you might want to locate all contacts with an email domain.

  3. Select the search icon or press enter on your keyboard to search. The contact, or contacts, matching the search term return in a list.

  4. If you want to perform additional actions on the contact or list of contacts, then select the contact’s check box and expand the MORE ACTIONS drop-down menu. You can then choose to:



Help centre article

Copy to list

Copies all the selected contacts into an existing list.

Send a previously sent campaign

Send the selected contacts an email or SMS campaign from your sent campaigns list.

Delete from account

Removes all selected contacts from your account.

Suppress from account

Adds the selected contacts to the suppressed contacts list with the reason Suppressed by you.

You're no longer able to send to these contacts on the suppressed channels.

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