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Export a list

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Before you start

Things you need to know:

  • Contacts with suppressed channels are included in the list's export, but data for the channels they are suppressed on is not included.

Learn how to export contacts with channel suppressions in Export your suppressed contacts.

Export a contact list

  1. Go to Audience > Lists.

  2. Select the list name that you want to export. This opens the list and displays the contacts inside it.

  3. Optionally, select DISPLAY to open a side panel showing your contact data fields and, if you have set up contact scoring, your contact scoring labels. Select the checkboxes for the fields you want to include in the export file, then select APPLY.

  4. Expand the EXPORT drop-down menu, and select Export all.

  5. If you have set up Marketing preferences, you're asked if you want to include these in the export. Select YES or NO, then select EXPORT.
    Learn more in Marketing preferences overview.

  6. You're then taken to the Exports screen, which lists any recently requested exports. Once the export has finished, select Download to access your CSV file.

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