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Contact scoring in segments, programs and Dynamic content
Contact scoring in segments, programs and Dynamic content

The flexibility of contact scoring means you can work with it in all sorts of creative ways.

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You can use contact scoring in all sorts of ways, combined with other features available to you in the platform.

For example, you can use contact scoring to:

  • create segments in the segment builder.

  • enrol contacts, make decisions, and exit contacts in programs.

  • determine what Dynamic content, and Liquid to use in campaigns and landing pages.

This means you could engage low scorers - your Cool or Cold contacts - by making a tailored program that concentrates on warming them up, or reward your most engaged contacts with discounts and extra content to share, turning them into brand advocates.

Use contact scoring to create segments

The great thing about having scores attributed to your contacts is that you can create segments based on this data.


Let’s say you want to gather up your red hot contacts into one list to provide to your sales team.

To do this:

  1. Go to Audience > Segments and select NEW SEGMENT.

  2. Select Blank template, and then enter a name for your segment, for example, Red hot contacts.

  3. Drag a Data fields block from the side panel into the Include contacts that match all the rules in this group dropzone.

  4. Select [click to select a datafield] and set the rule: Data field Contact scoring: Label is equal to Red hot, then select OK.

  5. Select GENERATE SEGMENT and then SAVE & GENERATE to create your segment of Red hot contacts.

To convert this segment into a list:

  1. Go to Audience > Segments.

  2. Select the checkbox for the segment you want to convert to a list.

  3. Expand the MORE ACTIONS drop-down menu and then select Convert to list.

Convert to list removes the segment from your account once the list is created. To retain the segment and create a list of the contacts it contains, select Copy to list.

You can apply similar logic to segment your Cold or Cool leads, with an eye on targeting them with campaigns to warm them up.

What if you wanted to add another condition, though? How about Red hot contacts living in the country or city where your next conference is because you want to target them with a special email invite? Or colder contacts that have browsed a specific product page on your website, because you want to send them a special offer campaign to tempt them to engage more with you, in the hope of warming them up?

All of this and more can be done using our segmentation tool.

Learn more in the lists and segments section of our Help Centre.

Use contact scoring in programs

Using the platform’s automation features, you can set up contact nurturing programs to automatically cultivate and generate promising contacts - freeing you up to concentrate on other things.

You can use contact scoring:

  • as the enrolment criteria for a program - for example, in a program designed to warm contacts up, you can creating a segment in the Start node such as Contact scoring: Label must be equal to Cold or Cool.

  • to make decisions in programs - enabling you to send your contacts on a different path depending on their suitability, engagement or overall score, or their label.

  • for exit conditions - meaning that, for example, when a contact reaches a certain score and matures within a contact nurturing program, they exit it.

Learn more in the Program builder section of our Help Centre.

Use contact scoring to drive Dynamic content

You can also use contact scoring to drive Dynamic content in campaigns and landing pages, so your recipients or visitors see relevant content according to their ranking, and you can nurture them in this way.

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