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Digital marketing channel: Facebook Audience
Digital marketing channel: Facebook Audience

Maintain and grow your audiences easily and improve your retargeting efforts with the Facebook Audience node in your programs.

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Use the Facebook Audience channel node in programs to automate adding and removing contacts to your Facebook audiences. You can create multiple profiles for a Facebook Audience channel.

Before you start

Things you need to know:

  • The availability of this Digital marketing channel is dependent on your account package.
    To learn more, contact your Customer Success representative.

  • You must have or be linked to a Facebook Business account.

  • You can only use a Custom Audience type list in your Facebook Ads Manager.

  • You must select Customer list as your Custom Audience source.

  • You must create a program using our program builder.
    Learn more in Getting started with the program builder.

Create a Facebook Audience channel profile

Before using the Facebook Audience node, you must create a channel profile to connect to your Facebook Business account.

  1. Go to Connect > Digital marketing channels.

  2. From the Channel column, select Facebook Audience.

  3. Select NEW PROFILE.

  4. Select Log in to Facebook and do the same on the next page.

  5. Enter your Facebook login details and select Log In.

  6. Confirm your identity (Continue as…) and management settings.

  7. Select the Ad account and Status.

  8. Select SAVE.

Insert the Facebook Audience node into a program

After creating a Facebook Audience channel profile, the Facebook Audience node becomes available in the program builder under Actions in the left side panel.

  1. Go to Automation > Programs, and create a new program, or edit an existing one.
    Learn more in the Program builder section of the Help Centre.

  2. Drag the Facebook Audience node onto your program canvas. Insert the node at a point in the program where you want to add or remove contacts from a selected audience automatically.

  3. Select the node to open its settings.

  4. Choose to either Add the selected audience to your ad account or Remove the selected audience from your ad account.

  5. If you want to create a new Facebook ads audience for the node to add or remove contacts from:

    1. Select + NEW AUDIENCE.

    2. Enter a name for the audience.

    3. Select CREATE.

  6. If you want to choose an existing audience for the node to add or remove contacts from:

    1. Select CHOOSE AUDIENCE.

    2. Select your Facebook ads audience.

  7. Select APPLY.

You can find your newly created audience in Facebook Ads Manager under Assets > Audiences.

Can't see your audience?

You can only select audiences that you created from a customer file or using the Facebook Audience node.

Learn more in the Facebook article Use a Customer List Custom Audience.

Choose what data gets synced

To be selective about what data gets synced with your social media, for example, only consenting contacts, you can use data fields.

If you store consent as a data field, you can check for the data field before pushing data to Facebook or Google. To do this, you can use a decision node to filter by data field, preference, or segment depending on your needs.

Change the Facebook Audience profile in a program node

  1. While editing your program, select the Facebook Audience node.


  3. Choose a new audience.

  4. Select APPLY.

Node reporting

Once your program is activated, you can see how many contacts passed through the node and are now in your Facebook Audience.

To do this, edit your program in the program builder and look at the lower right-hand corner of your Facebook Audience node.

View Facebook Audience node contact data

  1. While editing your program, select the icon at the bottom right of the Facebook audience node. The number here shows how many contacts are currently at the node.

  2. On the Facebook Audience side-panel, expand the drop-down menu and choose to either view contacts who have travelled through the node or contacts currently at the node. You see all the selected contacts and the date they joined.

View detailed contact figures

To view your audience statistics in your account, go to Connect > Digital marketing channels and select Facebook Audience, then select your profile.

The Contacts synced in the last 7 days column shows how many contacts have synced in the last seven days for each profile.

Drill down into contact figures

Select the number under the Contacts synced in the last 7 days column to see more contact details. On the Facebook Audience usage page, you can see how many contact syncs succeeded or failed and if there are any warnings.

Adjust the date range

  1. Select DATE RANGE.

  2. Select the current date range.

  3. Choose if you want to see a predefined or custom date range - set it however you want.

  4. Select APPLY to save the date range you selected.

  5. Select APPLY again.

Search synced contacts

To see a list of synced contacts and the time at which they joined your audience, under the Contacts synced column, select the number. The Contacts panel slides in from the right.

To search by email address, enter an email address in the by email search box or select the Time synced heading to sort the syncs by latest or oldest.


  • Usage statistics are stored for 30 days.

  • The number of contacts synced could be greater than the number of contacts in your Facebook Ad Manager audience. This is because Facebook compares a list of contacts with users they know about, so only the contacts that Facebook can match are in your audience.

Delete or disable a Facebook Audience profile

Before you start

Things you need to know:

  • You can't delete or disable a profile that's in use in an active program.

  • Deleting a profile deletes all usage statistics for that profile.

  • Disabling a profile stops your team members from selecting the profile in a Facebook Audience node until you enable the profile again.


  1. Go to Connect > Digital marketing channels and select Facebook Audience.

  2. Select the checkbox next to the name of the profile you want to delete.

  3. Select DELETE.


  1. Go to Connect > Digital marketing channels and select Facebook Audience.

  2. Select the name of the profile you want to disable.

  3. Expend the Status drop-down menu and select Disabled.

  4. Select SAVE.

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