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Verify your DNS records for a Self-hosted From address
Verify your DNS records for a Self-hosted From address

If you use a Custom from address and are self-hosting your DNS records, you must first verify the DNS records of your sending domain.

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Before you start

Things you need to know:

1. Find and add DNS records to sending domain

  1. Expand the User menu and select Settings.

  2. Go to Email > From addresses.

  3. Find the From address you want to verify, then select Verify to view the DNS records.

    Records can take up to ten minutes before they’re visible.

  4. Add all of the specified DNS records to your sending domain DNS.

    CAA records are optional and won’t be checked when you verify your DNS records.


Need some help?

Learn how to add your DNS records with some popular domain providers in Delegate a subdomain to our servers.

2. Verify your DNS records

  1. After updating your DNS settings, return to the verification page in Dotdigital and select VERIFY at the bottom of the page.


    It can take up to 48 hours for DNS changes to appear and make verification possible.

  2. If you've added all of the records correctly, you must confirm your From address to finish the setup. Read the information on the confirmation page, then select the check box to confirm you understand and agree.

  3. Select CONFIRM.


Error: Unable to verify

If you see the error, We were unable to verify some records in DNS; you must check that your DNS has the correct values. To learn more, check out the section Verification troubleshooting at the bottom of this article.


Verification troubleshooting

If you can't verify your DNS records, it could be for several reasons:

  • Your DNS is missing the expected records.

  • There are additional, unrelated records in your DNS.

  • The expected records are in the wrong format.

Check that you've added all expected DNS records to your DNS and in the specified format. The table below details the possible errors you can see when you're verifying a From address:




Expected TXT, MX, or A records are missing


There are additional MX or A records besides the expected values.


Your MX records priority numbers should be the same.


The‘p=policy’ in expected DMARC record must be one of'none','quarantine' or'reject’.


Expected value in DMARC for either‘rua=’,‘ruf=’, or‘p=’ is missing.

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