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Grouping campaigns together using tags
Grouping campaigns together using tags

Adding a tag, or tags, to your campaigns allows you to filter your campaigns in reports and listings.

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Tagging appropriate campaigns with Newsletters, for example, enables you to filter by that tag and gain a clear view of how only your newsletters are performing. You can also add more than one tag to a campaign in order to be able to filter by multiple tags in your reporting, for example, tagging with Newsletters and Quarterly newsletters.

You can filter by an individual tag in your campaign listings and email reports.

Create, delete and edit tags

Account tags

You can manage account tags in the same area as your campaign tags.

Learn more in Account tagging.

Manage your campaign tags in one central location, where you can:

  • Create new tags.

  • Edit existing tags.

  • Delete tags you no longer need.

  • View all campaigns with a specific tag, and add and remove campaigns from the tag.

To manage your tags, expand the User menu and select Settings > Tags. You see a list of all your current tags.

Create a tag

To create a new campaign tag:

  1. Select CREATE.

  2. Enter a name for your tag.

  3. Select CONFIRM.

Edit a tag

  1. Select the Edit icon for the tag you want.

  2. Enter a new name for your tag.

  3. Select CONFIRM.

Delete a tag

  1. Select the Delete icon for the tag you want.

  2. Select DELETE to confirm.

Delete multiple tags

  1. Select the checkboxes for the tags you want to delete.

  2. Select the DELETE icon.

View campaigns with a specific tag

  1. Select the number in the Campaigns column for the tag you want.

  2. In the Manage campaign tags side panel, you see all campaigns which have the selected tag applied.

  3. To remove the tag from a campaign, select the Remove icon next to the campaign.

  4. To apply the selected tag to another campaign, select ADD CAMPAIGNS.

  5. Select the checkboxes for the campaigns you want to apply the tag to, then select APPLY.

  6. Select APPLY.

Add multiple tags to campaigns

You can add multiple tags to a campaign or campaigns in the Email area.

To do this:

  1. Go to Campaigns > Email, and select the Sent or Unsent tab, to locate the campaigns you want.

  2. Select the checkboxes for the campaigns you want to apply tags to.

  3. Expand the MORE ACTIONS drop-down menu and select Manage campaign tags.


  4. In the Manage tags side panel, select SELECT CAMPAIGN TAG, and then select either:

    1. Select an existing tag
      Select the radio buttons for the tags you want to apply. Hold Ctrl on your keyboard to select multiple tags.

    2. Create a new tag
      Enter a name for your tag and select APPLY.

  5. The side panel displays the tags you have chosen and the number of campaigns they are to be applied to. Select APPLY.

    To remove a tag from the list, select the Delete icon.

Filter the email campaign list view

To filter the table view of your campaigns by tag:

  1. Select DATE RANGE in the top right of your screen and select the Filter by tag radio button.

  2. Expand the Show all drop-down menu and select the tag you want to view.

  3. Select APPLY.


The campaign list view filters based on your selection.

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