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Gmail has some particular behaviours that it can be helpful for you to know about when working on your email campaigns.

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Gmail is an incredibly popular mailbox and, particularly if you communicate directly with consumers, many of your contacts are likely to have a Gmail email address or be receiving their email into a Gmail inbox.

Clipped campaign content

Gmail clips your email campaigns if their HTML size is larger than 102KB.

HTML size is an email's source code, which is anything that you can see when you go to Utilities > Edit source in EasyEditor.

The HTML size doesn't include the pixel size of your images because images are downloaded from the server when a recipient opens a campaign. However, HTML size does include any HTML tags that include the link to an image.

If the HTML size of your campaign is larger than 102KB, Gmail displays only 102KB of it and provides a link to the rest of the message at the bottom of your campaign.


When you select the View entire message link, a new window opens, which ignores any CSS media queries in your email campaign. As a result, your campaign may be rendered for mobile view. Therefore, we recommend that you test send your email to check how Gmail displays your email campaign.

You can check the HTML size of your email campaign:

  • On the Campaign summary page just before you send a campaign.

  • By selecting the Summary icon in campaign listings.

When a campaign's HTML size is considered too large, you see an amber warning icon in the HTML content section of the campaign summary. Hover over the tooltip to see further information.


If you want to stop Gmail from clipping your email campaigns, try reducing the amount of source code in your campaign by doing the following:

  • Remove any unnecessary building blocks from your campaign (for example, remove nested tables or use one or two columns instead of three)

  • Reduce the number of characters in the URLs of your images

Why does Gmail put my email campaigns in the 'Promotions' tab?

Google uses algorithms to find patterns in email content. These patterns are used to assign emails to one of the following tabs:

  • Primary

  • Social

  • Promotions

Unfortunately, you can't control which tab Google assigns your email campaigns to. But, you can ask your recipients to create a filter that categorises your emails as Personal so that they are always assigned to the Primary tab.

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