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Edit the settings of a sent email campaign
Edit the settings of a sent email campaign

After a campaign has been sent (or while it's in the Outbox), there are a few things you can change.

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It's possible to edit:

  • the name of the campaign

  • the address that replies should be forwarded to

  • the links in the campaign

These can all be edited in the campaign's Summary page (accessed through Campaigns > Email > Sent and then selecting a campaign's Summary icon).

Campaign summary page

The campaign summary page lists the details of the campaign.


Edit the campaign name

In the upper left corner, the campaign name is shown. Select the name to edit it. Once you've entered the new name, select the green tick.

Edit the forwarding address

To edit the address that replies are forwarded to, select the (Edit) link at the end of the Forward replies to: line.


Replies may be forwarded to one address at a time only.

If the field is blank, replies won't be forwarded.

Edit links

You can edit links after a campaign has been sent. To do this, select the (View / edit) link at the end of the Hyperlinks: line.

You'll be shown a table of links which can be edited. Don't forget to save your changes after editing.

You won't be able to change links that have been set to 'Do not track'.

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