SMS campaigns overview

The basics of SMS campaigns, from getting started to sending and reporting.

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SMS (short message service) is one of the most effective communication channels there is, enjoying high deliverability and engagement rates, and allowing you to get your message directly to your contacts by targeting their phones.

You can send SMS messages from your account using either an automated program; ideal for sending personalised alerts, reminders and notifications, or by using broadcast SMS, which is great for sending survey links or promotions to groups of contacts.


To start your journey using SMS, you need to set up SMS on your account. You need an SMS From name to send messages from, and, if you want contacts to reply and opt-in or out of your SMS messages, you also need either a short code and keyword or a long code.

The options available to you for inbound SMS are dependent on country. Contact your Customer Success representative to learn more.

Send an SMS campaign using programs

To automate your SMS sends, you can enrol contacts into a program and choose a campaign to send directly from within the SMS campaign node.

Send broadcast SMS messages

With the SMS broadcast tool, you can send an SMS campaign immediately or schedule it, and choose the lists, segments or marketing preferences you want to send it to. You can also send single SMS messages to individual contacts.

SMS send reports

It's all about the delivery and metrics, and we understand that. SMS reporting provides details on sends, deliveries, and failures for your SMS campaigns. Your single sends are also logged here, which includes any automated SMS sends done through your programs.

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