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Sending and delivery for SMS
Cancel or modify scheduled SMS sends
Cancel or modify scheduled SMS sends

Make changes to SMS campaigns up to the scheduled send time.

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Cancel your scheduled SMS campaign

  1. Go to Campaigns > SMS and select the Outbox tab.

  2. Select the Cancel send icon for the message you want to cancel.

  3. From the side panel, select Cancel send.

Modify a scheduled SMS campaign

To modify a scheduled SMS campaign, you must cancel the send using the steps above.

If the message has not been sent, you are returned to the Unsent SMS campaigns tab, where you can edit and reschedule the campaign.

If it has been sent, you are returned to the Sent tab. To modify a sent SMS campaign, you must create an unsent copy.

To do this:

  1. Go to Campaigns > SMS.

  2. Select either the Sent or Unsent tab, as appropriate

  3. Find the campaign you want to copy, and select the Copy icon

  4. Enter a new name for the campaign.

  5. Select SAVE.

The copy appears on the Unsent tab where you can make any edits you need before rescheduling.

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