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Product catalogs

View and use your ecommerce product catalogs.

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When you import your catalog data into Dotdigital, you want to be able to review this data easily in one place. This is possible in our Ecommerce area, where you can access all catalog and product data that you store in the platform.

Find your product catalogs

  1. Go to Content > Products > Catalogs and select the catalog you want to view.

  2. You can see a list of product names with thumbnail images, along with columns that contain a product’s SKU, type, stock, price and sales numbers.

  3. To see more details of a specific product, select the product name.

  4. The Product details panel appears, which gives you details and additional reporting data about the product, such as sales rank and total sales of all time.

Search and filter your catalog data

There are a number of search and filter options to allow you to navigate your catalog data more easily:

  1. To change the catalog you’re viewing, expand the Product catalog drop-down menu and select the catalog you want.

  2. Enter product keywords, name or SKU into the Search field. Select the magnifying glass icon or Enter on your keyboard to search.

  3. Expand the Categories drop-down menu and select a category to limit the product panel to products within that category.

    You must be syncing Category insight data for this option to be available. To learn more, check out the article Product and category insight data.

  4. Select FILTER to filter the product list by category or product attributes.

  5. Select a table column header to sort by that metric. Select the header again to reverse the sort order.

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