Chat reports

Use the Chat reports to view information about your team's Chat sessions.

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The Chat reports show you detailed insights into five categories:

  • New and open chats

  • Average time for a first response (in minutes)

  • Average time to completion (in minutes)

  • Completed chats

  • Top agents

Before you start

Things you need to know:

You must be an Account Owner or a Chat Admin to access the Chat reports. You also need the Reporter user permission.

View the Chat report

  1. Go to Analytics > Reports

  2. Expand the MORE REPORTS drop-down menu and select Chat.

Manage the data you see

Use the dashboard controls to change the data you see. Set a date range to view your results across different time periods.

Set the date range

  1. Select the date range control in the top-right

  2. Select the current time frame (by default, this is Last 7 days)

  3. Choose either:

    1. Pre-defined date range

      • Today

      • Yesterday

      • Last 7 days

      • Last week

      • This month

      • Last month

      • Last 30 days

      • All-time

    2. Custom date range

      • Choose your from (start) and to (end) date

  4. Select APPLY.

Understand the report data

Data appears in three sections on the page: chat statistics tiles, Chat history, and Top chat agents.

Chat statistics tiles

The tiles show you data for four metrics:



New chats

The number of new chats started.

Average time for a first response (in minutes)

The average time agents have taken to respond for the first time to a new chat.

Average time to completion (in minutes)

The average time agents have taken to complete (finish) a chat.

Completed chats

The number of completed chat sessions.

Data displayed is relevant to the time period you have selected.

Chat history

Chat history shows you a graph displaying a day-by-day breakdown of the number of new chats (in green) and completed chats (in blue) within your selected time frame.

Top Chat agents

The Top Chat agents table is a league of your best-performing agents. It shows the following information for your selected time frame:




The number of chats opened by the agent.


The number of chats completed by the agent.

Avg. response time

The agent's average response time to new chats.

Avg. completed time

The agent's average completion time, from start to finish, of chats.

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