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Link a Chat session to an existing contact
Link a Chat session to an existing contact

Build up the information you store against your contacts by linking them to their Chat sessions.

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When you link a contact in chat, you link a customer’s Chat session to a contact card in your account.

Whether you use the In-app email address request feature or obtain and enter the details manually, we’ll automatically let you know if the contact already exists in your account – we do this by matching the email address.

If the contact does exist, you see the customer’s details in the right-side panel, and either a verified or unverified icon next to their name. If the contact is unverified, you must verify them before linking the account.

Before you start

Things you need to know before you start:

Anonymous contacts

First-time, unidentified contacts and contacts with no data linked to them appear in chat as an anonymous contact. If a customer gives you their personal information, you can either add them as a new contact or link them to an existing contact in your account.

Link a Chat session to an existing contact

  1. Verify the email address belongs to the customer. Learn how to verify an email address in Verify an email address received in Chat.

  2. On the chat interface, select the chat session you want to link a contact from – this opens the chat window.

  3. Expand the Contact actions drop-down menu in the right column of the Chat window, and select Link to existing contact.

  4. Enter the visitor's email address in the search box.

  5. Select the user’s email address to link the contact to.

The contact is now verified and linked to the contact in your account.

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