Offer instant one-to-one support to your customers.

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Add or change your Chat profile pictureUse a high-quality profile image for your Chat widget to make a friendlier and more personable impression with your customers.
Manage your chat queueUse chat queue to manage and switch between your chat sessions.
Read and reply to a chat sessionConnect with your visitors and give them the help and support they need.
Add an emoji in a chatEmojis are a great way to add character to your messages. The great news: you can use them in Chat. ๐ŸŽ‰
Send a file in a chatUse Chat sessions to send files and attachments directly to your customers.
Send an image in a chatSend images to your customers directly from within a chat session in your account.
Send a form in a chatSend forms for your customers to fill in directly from within a chat session in your account.
Transfer a chat to another agent or teamIf you've got a question that's better suited to another agent or team, you can transfer the chat session to them directly.
Mark a chat session as completeAfter solving your customer's request, it's time to mark your chat session as complete.
View contact details and activity in ChatSee a contact's information and browsing activity.
Set your chat status to available or awaySet your chat status to away to stop being allocated new chats when you're not there.
Turn on browser and email notifications for ChatStay informed about new chat messages that need your attention.
View the message history of a Chat contactSee previous Chat sessions with your contacts.