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Settings overview

Team and user details and permissions, account usage levels and billing information, and platform and feature settings.

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To locate your account settings, expand the User menu in the bottom left corner of the app and select Settings.

Switch accounts

To switch between account you have access to:

  1. Expand the User menu and go to Settings > Users and teams > Accounts.

  2. Select the Login icon for the account you want to switch to.

Explore settings

When you navigate to the Settings area of Dotdigital, you can manage a wide range of administrative tasks.

The Settings finder

To quickly find what you’re looking for in the Settings area, you can use the Settings finder to search the page titles of the different pages housed in the Settings area of the platform.

To do this:

  1. Select the Settings finder icon in the top right.

  2. Enter your search term. Suggested search results are displayed as you type.

  3. Select the search result you want to be taken to that page.

Settings areas

You might not see all of the options listed below, as some are dependent on user permission level or the activation of certain features.


  • Usage

    View sends, account usage and additional charges.

  • Account settings
    Manage your account locale, time zone and address as well as email regulatory settings, unsubscribe and preference centre settings, feature activation and two-factor authentication.

  • Domain names
    View and manage domains purchased through Dotdigital.

  • Sender reputation
    Monitor your email sender reputation and indicators.

  • Recycle bin
    View, remove and restore deleted items.

  • Exports
    View and download data exports made in the last 30 days.

  • Insight data
    View and manage account-scoped insight data collections.

Users and teams

Account level

Only top-level (parent) accounts see this section. For child accounts, the available option is Manage users.

  • Users
    Create, delete and manage permissions for account users.

  • Accounts
    Manage accounts within your account hierarchy.

  • Templates
    Share or unshare email templates across accounts.


  • Billing details
    Manage your billing and payment details.

  • Invoices
    View and pay invoices.

  • Credit notes
    View any credit notes issued against your account.

  • Upgrades and add-ons
    Purchase upgrades and add-on features for your account.


  • Contact data fields
    View, manage and create default and custom data fields.

  • Marketing preferences
    Set up and manage marketing preferences.

  • Insight data
    View and manage contact-scoped insight data collections.

  • Subscription settings
    Manage double opt-in and resubscribe settings for email.

  • Email seed list
    Add or remove addresses from your seed list.

  • Contact scoring
    Create and manage Contact scoring rules and labels.

  • Signup forms
    Set up and generate the code for a signup form to add to your website.

  • Import history
    View your historical contact imports.
    Imports history is stored for 30 days.

  • Scheduled data upload
    Set up scheduled data imports for contacts or Insight data.


  • From addresses
    Manage your verified email from addresses.

  • Inbox test results
    Access and view the results of email campaign inbox tests.

  • Feeds
    Set up a campaign feed widget.

  • Suppression settings
    Set and manage email suppression settings.

  • EasyEditor extension settings
    Manage your installed EasyEditor extensions (app blocks).

  • Default auto responder
    Set up a default auto-response for email campaign replies.


  • SMS from names
    Create and manage SMS campaign from names.

  • SMS auto-responders
    Set up a default auto-response for inbound SMS messages.

  • SMS settings
    Manage SMS numbers, country rules and branding, and view the SMS rate card.


View, create, delete and edit email campaign and account tags.

Digital marketing channels

Manage your settings for:

  • Facebook Audience

  • Messenger

  • Google Ads

  • Push notifications

Triggered SMS profiles

If you had a pre-existing Triggered SMS profile, you can find this here too.


  • Commerce settings
    Manage currency, revenue attribution and RFM filter settings, as well as the abandoned carts conversion window and eRFM decision window.

  • Store
    Set up and manage ecommerce store settings.

  • Catalogs
    Manage your product catalog data.

  • Abandoned carts
    View your abandoned carts dashboard.

  • Product notifications
    Set up back in stock notifications for your store.

  • Product recommendations
    Create and manage product recommendations.

  • Product recommendations insight data
    View and manage product recommendation insight data collections.


  • Settings
    Manage your chat widget and teams.

  • Feature tours
    View tips on how to use the features of Chat.


  • Broadcast email link tracking
    Add query strings to your email campaign links.

  • Site & ROI tracking
    Set up and manage site and ROI tracking.

  • Transactional email link tracking
    Manage transactional email tracking options.

  • SMS link tracking
    Create and manage UTM tracking tags for SMS campaign links.


  • API users
    Set up and manage users to access the Dotdigital API.

  • API rate limits

    Set your rate limit per API user.

  • API logs

    Enable and check API logging.

  • SFTP users
    Set up and manage users for the scheduled data importer.

  • Extension profiles
    Create and manage profiles for extensions to the program builder.

  • Web behavior profiles
    Set up or edit your web behavior tracking profile.

Transactional email

  • From addresses
    Manage your verified from addresses.

  • Complaints
    View any complaints logged against your transactional email sends.

  • Credentials
    Set up and manage transactional email users.

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