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Supported browsers for using Dotdigital
Supported browsers for using Dotdigital

Dotdigital works on all modern browsers. Older browsers may offer less support.

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We categorise browsers as Priority 1, Priority 2, or Not Supported based on their usage:

  • Dotdigital should work without issue in Priority 1 browsers

  • Dotdigital should be functional in Priority 2 browsers

  • Some or all Dotdigital functionality may not work in unsupported browsers

Dotdigital on mobile devices

Mobile browsers, such as those running on iOS and Android, aren't currently supported.

Priority 1 browsers

Our Priority 1 browsers are:

  • Chrome (Windows/macOS)*

  • Edge (Windows)*

  • Safari (macOS)*

Priority 2 browsers

Our Priority 2 browsers are:

  • Firefox (Windows/macOS)*

* As these browsers automatically update, only the latest stable version is tested.

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