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Monitor data syncs in Microsoft Dynamics
Monitor data syncs in Microsoft Dynamics

Monitor your syncs in Microsoft Dynamics by using the synchronisation audit or synchronisation summary features.

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We offer two ways for you to monitor the status of your syncs with Dotdigital: synchronisation audit and synchronisation summary. This article shows you how and where to access these features.

Use the synchronisation audit

The Sync Audit tab shows all data syncs which have occurred in the last 30 days. This includes both manual and scheduled data syncs. This is a great way to check that your data is successfully synchronising to Dotdigital.

To review your Sync Audit data:

  1. From the left side navigation menu, go to Email Accounts under Settings

  2. Select the email account.

  3. Select Sync Audit.


To filter by Start time from, Start time to or Type, you can use the Search function .

The Status column lets you know the status of your syncs. Status types:

  • In Process

  • Completed

  • Failed

  • Completed with Errors.

Certain items in the panel might carry more granular information. When applicable, the item is highlighted blue. To expand the panel and show more details, select the item name.

Use the synchronisation summary

Every time you sync a marketing list that’s activated for email, we provide you a synchronisation summary.

To view the synchronisation summary for a list:

  1. Go to Marketing Lists, under Marketing in the left side menu.

  2. Select a Marketing List.

  3. Select Notes.

The notes show you detailed information about the syncs, including the start time, time to complete, and outcomes, such as:

  • New Contacts

  • Updated Contacts

  • Globally Suppressed

  • Invalid Entries

  • Duplicate Emails

  • Unsubscribed

  • Hard Bounced

  • Soft Bounced

  • ISP Complaints

  • Domain Suppressed

  • Pending Double Opt-In

If there are contacts who have not been synchronised, you can also download a list of these contacts.



If your CRM has timed out during the sync, this message appears:

Your CRM has thrown a SQL timeout error. Please contact your system administrator to resolve this issue or try again later.

If there are more details, these are shown in the notes.

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