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Salesforce integration checklist
Salesforce integration checklist

Use this checklist to configure your Salesforce CRM integration and ensure that you’re set up for success.

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Download and install the integration package

First up, you (or your Salesforce system administrator) need to download and install the Dotdigital for Salesforce integration package and set up your system for initial use.

Customise page layouts

Update your Salesforce page layouts with the custom elements used by the Dotdigital connector.

Access Dotdigital

Set up the option to log into Dotdigital without leaving Salesforce.

Link additional accounts

If you have multiple Dotdigital accounts, link more than one to your Salesforce instance.

Link additional users

Link additional Dotdigital and Salesforce user accounts and set their permissions.

Manage your configuration

Set up the global configuration settings for Dotdigital for Salesforce.

Manage your account settings

Set up individual account-level settings for each of your linked Dotdigital accounts.

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