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Understanding the two-way sync from Dotdigital to Shopify
Understanding the two-way sync from Dotdigital to Shopify

Learn what information is synchronised from Dotdigital to Shopify through the two-way sync feature.

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The Shopify connector supports the bi-directional synchronisation of certain fields due to its two-way sync feature. By default, two-way sync is enabled and we don’t recommend disabling it. If two-way sync is disabled, Dotdigital won’t update your customer’s subscriber status (accepts_marketing), if they unsubscribe from a campaign.

Enable or disable two-way sync

  1. In Dotdigital, go to Connect > Shopify.

  2. Find the Contacts section.

  3. Select Yes to enable or No to disable the Enable two-way sync feature.

  4. Select SAVE.

Synchronisation details

Dotdigital syncs in stages; historical data isn’t synchronised. If a customer doesn't exist in Shopify, the two-way sync won’t create the customer during synchronisation.

Learn about synced contact data fields

The following contact data fields in Dotdigital are updated in Shopify during the next scheduled sync:

  • First name

  • Last name

  • Phone number

  • Note

  • Tags

  • Shipping address (default address)

  • Subscriber Status (accepts_marketing)

When a customer unsubscribes through Dotdigital, accept_marketing changes to false and accepts_marketing_updated_at changes to the current date.

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